Multiple sessions of RadioLogger on a single computer

Hello Dmitri,

We have a single HP Microserver Gen-8 computer that we use to run RadioLogger and RadioCaster.  It's been running successfully for about 8 months now.

We want to run multiple sessions of RadioLogger on the box so we can record content from different sources at the same time.

From a previous post I can remember that we will have to install RadioLogger several times and alter the folder name where it is installed.

It is currently installed as follows:

c:/Program Files (x86)/RadioLogger/

I assume that we will have to create several folders with different names to allow multiple sessions to operate correctly - like this:

c:/Program Files (x86)/RadioLogger_01/

c:/Program Files (x86)/RadioLogger_02/

c:/Program Files (x86)/RadioLogger_03/

c:/Program Files (x86)/RadioLogger_04/

Is that correct ?

Is there anything else that I need to do ?

Thanks,  Jamie C.

I forgot to ask.  If I install 1, 2, 3 or 4 sessions of RadioLogger on the same box won't they need to be numbered so they are in different Program File folders like this:





Because we will need to apply software updates to each and every installed session one by one by one.

Does that make sense ?

Thanks,  Jamie C.


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You need to install them to different folders (using numbers is a valid strategy). Updates have to be installed to all those folders, yes.