Override "Start fading out on mix"?


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Hi friends,

I wonder if it is possible to not only "override previous track mix point" but to kill "start fading out on mix" at the same time.

I use RadioBoss

Situation: My scheduler inserts an "Ad Break Trigger" at a certain time into the running program. This "Ad break trigger" I have defined as file type with "override previous track mix point" checked and set to "0,0 sec.", to prevent any fading before advertising. The previous song is meant to be played until its very end. (I have no influence on the ad file. It's a third party insertion which reacts to the trigger.)

Problem: The override setting really overrides the mix point of the previous track, yet, it keeps the "fade out" and "start fading out on mix" of this track, indicated by the purple section at the end. As a result, the previous track is still faded out.

This problem only occurs, when the "Ad break trigger" is inserted by scheduler during previous track already playing - which is the case most of the time. In contrary: If I re-start previous track by hand (for test purposes) and following "Ad break trigger" is already behind it, then no purple section is displayed and no fade occurs; the title is played until the very end.

Any solution? Thanks in advance.


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It appears to be a bug in how this option is processed. We'll fix it in the next update, thank you for the information.