RadioBOSS constructing multi-stage playlists

Hello Dmitry,

I have 8 scheduler entries that call 72 macros as required at hh:00, hh:15, hh:30 and hh:45

Everything we do at our station happens at one of those times.

The contents of each macro has one of the following playlists (qty shown).

The contents of each playlist is given in brackets and that is where we load the audio file contents:

11 x csa_toh.m3u (tracklist_csa_toh.m3u)

24 x csa_boh.m3u x 24 (tracklist_csa_boh.m3u)

news.m3u = (tracklist_news_intro.m3u + news_master.m3u + tracklist_news_outro.m3u)

8 x csa_toh_news.m3u (csa_toh.m3u + news.m3u)


3 x csa_toh_news_cnb.m3u (csa_toh.m3u + news.m3u + cnb.m3u)

1 x csa_toh_news_cnb_daytime.m3u (csa_toh.m3u + news.m3u + cnb.m3u + daytime.m3u)

1 x csa_toh_news_cnb_nightime.m3u (csa_toh.m3u + news.m3u + cnb.m3u + nightime.m3u)

I have created this structure so we don't have to go and edit any of the 72 macros and instead we can concentrate on loading the 8 playlists in bold print above.

Does that structure look acceptable to you ?

Would you do this a different way and if so how would you do it ?

Thanks in advance, Jamie C.


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If this works for you and does what it's suppose to - it's acceptable. RadioBOSS supports inner playlists for this purpose, and I see that you have found this feature useful.