radioboss (PC) won't connect for radiobossFM cloud live broadcast


hello to all the staff,
today at 17 ZH time, I had to go live, as always from my Radioboss to radiobossFM cloud. It was not possible and still now (it's 18.45) we can't connect. In radiobosso I always get the same error, try to connect to the server and immediately error, to infinity. Everything has always worked and nothing has been touched, neither in the Radioboss settings nor in the cloud server. This thing is annoying, as I had a big guest today with many people waiting.

Please let me know something ASAP.

Sincerely, thank you in advance

Connected to server! (output 5)
Server connection closed (output 5) Restarting...

again and again....

good morning everyone,
from 21.30 ZH time the system started working again. I really don't understand what's going on. Thank you anyway for your attention and I apologize for these inconveniences.

Good job and best regards

This could have been some odd network issue (at the datacenter, or with your internet connection), sometimes this happens.