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Since using this program, it has done us wonders! It has worked well in keeping up with continual play and makes our station sound awesome! This program is amazing!! Thanks so much for making us sound so good!!  :)
Radioboss is the best software for Charlietown Blues, always quick support, great online forums and easy to get setup and working. Radioboss is always being developed with new versions being avalible for download, just keeps on getting better.

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Must agree fully,  this software is the Mutz Nutz.

My Internet Radio Station:
I have been using RadioBOSS radio automation software for 3 months now and think it's the best thing since sliced bread. Excellent piece of software. Paul Murphy - Paul FM Radio
RadioBOSS is by far the best low cost broadcast software available. I spent a lot of time looking at all the available packages out there and RadioBOSS blew them all away. You can spend multiple thousands of dollars on a radio station if you are one of the big fish and have the advertising clients to afford it. LPFM stations need something a little more reasonable in price and feature rich fuctionality for their purpose. I couldn't find a decent software package that would allow me to use VST plug-ins like iZotope OZONE 5 Advanced and still maintain a solid and stable signal until RadioBOSS. Why pay big bucks for tons of hardware and signal routing when it can be done in the digital path saving the end user hours of time and frustration? Bravo Dmitry! Keep up the great work! filboid - The X  8)
Tried many Broadcasting Software programs including some of the dearer ones and found Radio Boss the best.  For ease of operation, support, and price it's tops. My station has a new computer and to transfer the files was easy with the software of Radio Boss. I recommend it to any and I mean any Radio Station.
All I can say I have tried the others and Radio Boss is far the best broadcaster software, I would not change it, its easy to use reiliable and not heavy on RAM,and has so many features I would highly recommend it

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mikenico said:
All I can say I have tried the others and Radio Boss is far the best broadcaster software, I would not change it, its easy to use reiliable and not heavy on RAM,and has so many features I would highly recommend it

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Thank you!
RadioBOSS is still going strong for me.  I never thought I'd find something so agreeable that, once configured, could make everything so automated and seamless for my talk show with occasional commercials and songs.  After you use it and tweak it for a couple of weeks, you'll find that you can fully trust that it will be stable and reliable.  Compared to SAM and a bunch of free alternatives, this program just makes them look like they didn't have people's needs in mind, but rather their own ideas of how a radio show should go.  RadioBOSS listened to what people wanted and then perfected the delivery of those options.  Thank you!
Nice to hear that, thank you! A new major update with lots of new features and improvements is planned to be released really soon, by the way (will be announced in the Beta version topic).
I am the Founder of WBGS White & Black Gaming Society, we are out to stop racism in gaming and possible in the world. I wanna say thanks to Radio Boss developers for making such great software. The play list is so easy to use and add its cool, I can add so many play list and most of all it loaded my play list's faster than my aimp3 player and there is over 5000 songs in the list for my radio. Also my mic comes over clear with a ATR2500 it sounds very professional, IMHO comparing this to Sam Broadcaster, I would have to say this by fare better and less buggy and sounds better I was surffing the net for this kind of thing and most of all the support team is amazing and the person I talk to by email was amazing if could do it all over again I would still buy this software and tell my wife, I am very happy, and I know this will make my radio station continue with professional sound did I forget to mention this software supports Opus yes folks it supports Opus what software in the world Supports Opus well Radio Boss does this is one of hundred reasons why I bought this software thanks for making a software that will make WBGS stronger  in getting our messages to the world.