RadioBOSS Settings and programs reset


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Hey, using RadioBOSS, and i just rebooted the computer running it.

For some reason, when RadioBOSS restarted, all my programs were gone and all settings were reset, including ads, file types rules, no repeat rules, etc...

Any idea why it might have happened? So that i can prevent it from happening again... I have to set Radio BOSS up again almost from scratch, this is pretty discouraging...

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you should save your settings
Settings / Settings Backup and restore / Backup Settings.
You can then use this to restore your RadioBOSS



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Any idea why it might have happened?
Typically this is due to hardware failure or some other problem. You can create settings backup to restore it just in case. But setting are never erased on a properly working computer, so you should probably try to find the cause why the settings were reset.