Trouble connecting Radio Boss/Radiocaster/RadioBossFM/Icecast


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We are currently using Radio Boss for live radio broadcasts on our AM station. However, we wanted to switch from Mainstream as our internet radio host to using DJ Soft products.  However, I have been unsuccessful in getting everything to work.  We have purchased Radio Boss and Radiocaster.  I entered a trial subscription for the RadioBossFM as it says it cannot convert a trial to a permanent and I wanted to look at both Ice Cast and Shout Cast.  I do not have much technical experience but I've copied the examples in the help screens exactly however I keep getting output errors on Radio Boss with messages that broadcast could not be started. 

Could someone point me to a guide for setting up all of these components to work together please?




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It appears to be a duplicate of this question, I provided answer there:,4912.msg24357.html#msg24357