Using hosted files for podcast?


New member
Sorry if this is already answered somewhere (I did search) but is it possible to use the files hosted here for a podcast? Up to the disc usage and data transfer we already pay for, of course.

I use my podcast episodes for my radio station content and currently have a (very poorly) designed Wordpress site with the Blubrry plugin installed for this but I wouldn't mind eliminating the website and that hosting plan altogether. As it is I am double hosting to have radio and a podcast with the same exact content, and don't really use the website itself for anything.
RadioBOSS Cloud does not support podcasts, I'm sorry, it can only be used for streaming.
That is what I though but too bad. Would be great not to have to host the same files with two different services (I would pay extra for this ;)).
We can't really add this, the main reason is that it can potentially be used as file sharing and that is a totally different area we don't want to deal with.