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Hello all,
            My gurl and I are starting a part 15 as well as a online tv station for our small town.. This software looks great for what we want to do on the radio side. However, we kinda need a tool for video side that works like he radio software as well. We will be streaming to something like Ustream or Justin TV etc and would like to be broadcasting 24/7. I was looking on your site at the ,"compare versions" page and had seen the the best version supported video files playback. Now, is that only for viewing locally or can you stream the video to a Unstream server as well. Sorry if its a fumb question.



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RB Advanced supports video files playback, but have no video streaming capabilities. You can use an external app for streaming (eg. Expression Encoder).

Video streaming is a bit limited - for example, there is no crossfading support for videos.