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Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.
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RadioBOSS makes automating your broadcast to the world, your business or shop professional, simple, affordable, reliable.

NEWS 10/21/2016

RadioBOSS 5.5

What's new:
  • File Types: assign file types based on file location
  • UAC: Default User feature
  • Search: Select folder as search track source
  • Configurable option: played emphasizing tracks
  • Improved statistics window. Error message when stats cannot be retrieved from the server
  • Statistic relays to collect stats from different servers
  • Fixed: admin password is not required to collect Shoutcast v2 stats
  • Additional work zone (separate window) - menu View->Work Zones->Additional
  • New columns in Search window: Year, Genre, Album
  • File type bed applied with fade in and fade out
  • Segue Editor and Track Tool: shows 0dB level for music tracks
  • Report Generator: Filename field added
  • Fixed "Next" and "Prev" buttons (didn't work when the playing track was deleted)
  • French and Ukrainian translations added
  • Ability to use multiple DTMF sequences to start and stop an event
  • Customizable genre list for all tag editor windows in RadioBOSS
  • Fixed: CD tracks did not play
  • DTMF tone generator
  • Changed DTMF detection time window handling (details in user manual)
  • Improved File Explorer tree and search in the tree
  • Cart wall items playback is now logged
  • Alt+R prelisten now also works in AUX players and Search
  • Improved appearance on high DPI screens
  • New Remote Control API commands added
  • Improved "Copy to folder" feature
  • "Delete non existent files" changed to "Mark non existent files"
  • Tag reading can be turned off
  • API: "inserttrack" command allows to specify streaming title ("streamtitle" parameter)
  • API: "getplaylist2" command to retrieve playlist contents (faster than "getplaylist")
  • Numerous UI improvements, minor bugs fixed, performance improvements

  • "Every Year" option added to repeat event every year
  • "Week of month" selection (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Last weeks)
  • Fixed: expired events that were not removed when scheduler was turned off
  • "playsongrequest" event is now silent when there are no pending song requests
  • "streamarchive" command: ability to set custom file name
  • "setdtmfsource" command to change DTMF detection source
  • "silencedetector" command to control silence detector
  • Event expiration: "Disable event" option (in addition to "Delete event")

Playlist Generator
  • Generate multiple playlists using different presets (sharing the same no-repeat buffer)
  • Create playlist generator events in RadioBOSS ("Create event" menu command)
  • Consider tracks in RadioBOSS playlist window for repeat protection
  • Non-playable tracks are excluded from track sources
  • New priority rules: Year, Genre; "equals" rule type
  • Import categories from preset: UI improvement
  • Multiple artists passing for repeat protection (saparated with "ft.", "vs." etc, the list of separators is configurable)
  • Genre filter
  • UI improvements

Music Library
  • Fixed: music library auto-update did not save settings
  • Prelisten player improved
  • Fixed: saving large library produced "Out of memory" error

Ads Scheduler
  • Improved reports for ads
  • Printable reports
  • Ability to group ads in the list
  • Assign Type for ads; check if two or more consecutive ads have the same type
  • "Comment" field for ads
  • "Check all ad blocks" feature to test all blocks
  • Significant performance improvement when generating playlists and events
  • Sweepers: gap killer is taken into account; improved selection quality
  • Prelisten for ads in the list
  • "Add sweeper to empty block" option added
  • UI improvements

Bugs fixed
  • Sometimes RadioBOSS closed slowly
  • With Queue Mode enabled selection always moved to the playing track
  • DTMF Exit sometimes worked incorrectly
  • Track List didn't work in Overlay playback events

Download: RadioBOSS 5.5

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    October 21, 2015. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.


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