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NEWS 10/21/2016

RadioBOSS 5.5

What's new:
  • File Types: assign file types based on file location
  • UAC: Default User feature
  • Search: Select folder as search track source
  • Configurable option: played emphasizing tracks
  • Improved statistics window. Error message when stats cannot be retrieved from the server
  • Statistic relays to collect stats from different servers
  • Fixed: admin password is not required to collect Shoutcast v2 stats
  • Additional work zone (separate window) - menu View->Work Zones->Additional
  • New columns in Search window: Year, Genre, Album
  • File type bed applied with fade in and fade out
  • Segue Editor and Track Tool: shows 0dB level for music tracks
  • Report Generator: Filename field added
  • Fixed "Next" and "Prev" buttons (didn't work when the playing track was deleted)
  • French and Ukrainian translations added
  • Ability to use multiple DTMF sequences to start and stop an event
  • Customizable genre list for all tag editor windows in RadioBOSS
  • Fixed: CD tracks did not play
  • DTMF tone generator
  • Changed DTMF detection time window handling (details in user manual)
  • Improved File Explorer tree and search in the tree
  • Cart wall items playback is now logged
  • Alt+R prelisten now also works in AUX players and Search
  • Improved appearance on high DPI screens
  • New Remote Control API commands added
  • Improved "Copy to folder" feature
  • "Delete non existent files" changed to "Mark non existent files"
  • Tag reading can be turned off
  • API: "inserttrack" command allows to specify streaming title ("streamtitle" parameter)
  • API: "getplaylist2" command to retrieve playlist contents (faster than "getplaylist")
  • Numerous UI improvements, minor bugs fixed, performance improvements
  • "Every Year" option added to repeat event every year
  • "Week of month" selection (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Last weeks)
  • Fixed: expired events that were not removed when scheduler was turned off
  • "playsongrequest" event is now silent when there are no pending song requests
  • "streamarchive" command: ability to set custom file name
  • "setdtmfsource" command to change DTMF detection source
  • "silencedetector" command to control silence detector
  • Event expiration: "Disable event" option (in addition to "Delete event")
Playlist Generator
  • Generate multiple playlists using different presets (sharing the same no-repeat buffer)
  • Create playlist generator events in RadioBOSS ("Create event" menu command)
  • Consider tracks in RadioBOSS playlist window for repeat protection
  • Non-playable tracks are excluded from track sources
  • New priority rules: Year, Genre; "equals" rule type
  • Import categories from preset: UI improvement
  • Multiple artists passing for repeat protection (saparated with "ft.", "vs." etc, the list of separators is configurable)
  • Genre filter
  • UI improvements
Music Library
  • Fixed: music library auto-update did not save settings
  • Prelisten player improved
  • Fixed: saving large library produced "Out of memory" error
Ads Scheduler
  • Improved reports for ads
  • Printable reports
  • Ability to group ads in the list
  • Assign Type for ads; check if two or more consecutive ads have the same type
  • "Comment" field for ads
  • "Check all ad blocks" feature to test all blocks
  • Significant performance improvement when generating playlists and events
  • Sweepers: gap killer is taken into account; improved selection quality
  • Prelisten for ads in the list
  • "Add sweeper to empty block" option added
  • UI improvements
Bugs fixed
  • Sometimes RadioBOSS closed slowly
  • With Queue Mode enabled selection always moved to the playing track
  • DTMF Exit sometimes worked incorrectly
  • Track List didn't work in Overlay playback events
Download: RadioBOSS 5.5

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    October 21, 2015. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.

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“This program is great. We had tried a lot of alternatives before we found it. RadioBOSS was the easiest tool to learn for our employees, had a lot of great features and the most attractive price! Keep up the good work!!!”
— Voronezh FM
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RadioLogger 3.1
Minor improvements, French translation.
RadioCaster 2.5
Statistic relays, user command line encoders, minor improvements.
RadioBOSS 5.5.5
User interface and performance improvements; minor bugs fixed.
RadioBOSS 5.5.4
WAV file tagging support. High DPI and large font issues fixed. Other minor bugs fixed.
RadioBOSS 5.5
Statistic relays, folder-based file types, yearly events and week filter in scheduler, major playlist generator and ad scheduler improvements.
RadioBOSS 5.5 beta
RadioBOSS 5.5 beta is available for testing.
RadioBOSS 5.4.7
User interface improvements; minor bugs fixed.

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