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Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.
RadioBOSS box
RadioBOSS makes automating your broadcast to the world, your business or shop professional, simple, affordable, reliable.


Automatic updating

Open RadioBOSS. On the top menu bar, select Help->Check for Updates. If an update is available, click the Install the latest version button and wait for the process to finish.


Manual installation

1. Check your update subscription state: in RadioBOSS click Help->Check for Updates. If your update subscription has expired, please renew it.

2. Download the latest RadioBOSS: Download RadioBOSS.

3. Install: close RadioBOSS and install the new version to the same folder as your current installation. All of your settings, profiles, playlists, and events will be saved.



If you have renewed your Update Subscription but RadioBOSS still detects it as expired, please enter your product key again using the Help->Enter registration code menu command.