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Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.
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RadioBOSS makes automating your broadcast to the world, your business or shop professional, simple, affordable, reliable.

NEWS 2/17/2018

RadioBOSS 5.7

What's new:
  • Auto Intro: automatically insert intro/jingle before track, based on set conditions and probability (menu Tools->Auto Intro)
  • Broadcasting statistics: browse statistics for different time periods up to one year
  • Teasers: repeat protection for tracks when playlist or folder is used as source
  • Teasers: playlist source for tracks and jingles
  • Teasers: added "Presets" feature to quickly save and load settings
  • Teasers: fade out and mix points now work correctly for teasers in the playlist
  • Cart wall: delay cart playback until playlist fades out
  • Cart wall now allows to use file name macro (same macro as in scheduler)
  • Cart wall: allows to use scheduler commands
  • Cart wall: added "stopall" command to stop all playing cart wall items
  • Sweepers improved: configurable repeat protection, better sweeper selection quality
  • HTTP request wizard to quickly configure Tune In and Twitter integration
  • Tag and duration cache to enable much faster file indexing while making playlists, loading sweepers etc
  • Custom user fields can be included in playlist and music library columns
  • Added "comment" and "last played" playlist columns
  • Encoder window: added "show password" feature
  • Auto remove stop commands from the playlist (option added in Settings->General)
  • Show weather and humidity data in the main window (Settings->View)
  • Improved playlist search feature
  • Double click action in the playlist, new action added: "Open Track Tool"
  • "Nowplaying" XML file includes evaluated track tile ("CASTTITLE")
  • Improved the way Track Lists are displayed in the playlist, fixed some track title issues
  • Track List: increased repeat protection time limit
  • Added "Tab size" configuration option to Settings->View->Style
  • Added "Turn off track repeat after Play was used" option for "Repeat track" right-click menu
  • FTP: allows to download files when URL contains path with spaces (spaces should be changed to %20 in such URLs)
  • Speaker icon near volume control in the main window can now be used to mute playback volume
  • RadioBOSS checks if the main sound card is actually active, and reinitializes it if sound card appears to be stalled
  • "playbackinfo" API command also returns previously played track title
  • Added API commands to read and write file tags
  • Added API command to retrieve requested songs list
  • Continuous start time calculation (track right-click, Calculate start time)
  • Lots of minor UI improvements

  • ?noeval macro modifier to evaluate file name macro on actual playback (instead at the time of event launch)
  • added ?wd macro to use week day in file names
  • Sweepers: configuration option to include or exclude subfolders

Ads Scheduler
  • New feature: separators between ads (configured in block settings)
  • New feature: alternate audio tracks for advert
  • "Shuffle playlist" feature redesigned: only ads are shuffled, while intro, outro and sweepers keep their positions
  • Ads playback time is sorted in reports
  • Improved search feature

Track Tool
  • Fixed: sometimes save button didn't work
  • Track Tool can now be called from library search

Playlist Generator
  • New filters: Gender, Language
  • Add teasers to the playlist
  • Improved genre filter UI

Music Library
  • Statistics window: select longest and shortest track in the list
  • Added start date, end date and file type columns

Bugs fixed
  • Renaming a file now also renames database entry (when SQLite storage for additional info is used)
  • Fixed HTTP headers in local streaming server (malformed headers prevented playback in some browsers and players)
  • Fixed: "Trigger mix at" sometimes overriden track's "Mix" point
  • Fixed: some commands were not removed when Queue Mode was used
  • Fixed: under certain circumstances, track can be skipped after a command in the playlist
  • Fixed: when "Manual" option was hidden from the settings, it could still be activated
  • Fixed: sometimes Track Information was showing incorrect track data when Track List was playing
  • Fixed content-type and encoding headers for some API responses
  • Fixed: "Non-playable playlist" tab sometimes was not marked in italic font
  • Fixed: local playback volume under certain conditions could be reset to 100%
  • Fixed: incorrect Start Date in report under certain conditions
  • Encoder wizard trims spaced from all fields to prevent incorrect input
  • Fixed "getfile" command sometimes did not work when was inserted directly into playlist
  • Fixed hang when playlist referenced itself
  • Fixed UI bug occurred sometimes when player window was resized
  • Fixed: "playrequestedsong" command sometimes did not work in the playlist

Download: RadioBOSS 5.7

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    February 17, 2017. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.


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