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Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.
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RadioBOSS makes automating your broadcast to the world, your business or shop professional, simple, affordable, reliable.

NEWS 11/21/2018

RadioBOSS 5.8

What's new:
  • Automatic network stream relaying while using playlist as a backup option ("relaystart URL" and "relaystop" scheduler commands)
  • Added "Advanced configuration" section to allow fine tuning (Settings->General->Advanced configuration)
  • MySQL database option to store additional track information and cache
  • Ability to select columns in the scheduled events list
  • File tag cache can now be used if APEv2 is used to store additional information
  • Minor UI improvements in the scheduled events list
  • Played scheduled tracks are deleted from the playlists per-event (each event is now deleted separately without waiting for other events to finish playback)
  • Scheduler: specify multiple minute values when using "Hours" option
  • Scheduler: ability to turn off event groups display
  • Scheduler: "Every year" option for expiration
  • Scheduler command to reset "played" track state in playlist (resetplayedstate)
  • Changed the way Shuffle function works when there are scheduled tracks in the playlist
  • Music DSP does not affect microphone
  • Active playlist tab can now be changed when playback is active
  • Added scheduler command to switch active playlist tab (playlist tab_name)
  • Added scheduler command to change active equalizer preset (eqpreset preset_name)
  • Playlists are saved with relative paths when possible
  • Playlist display is updated when title format is changed in the settings
  • Added ability to mute main playlist playback when prelisten is used
  • Hot keys: added support for extended keyboard keys (multimedia keys, F13-F24 etc)
  • Style option for Music Library and Track Tool
  • Font configuration for cart wall buttons (Settings->View->Style)
  • Font color can be changed for each cart wall button
  • Improved profile auto-save, removed the "periodically save” profile option
  • Changed profile load and save UI
  • Cart wall can be disabled in user access control
  • Cart wall shows an error notification on failed cart wall buttons
  • Drag-n-drop for cart wall improved: it now accepts multiple files and folders (multiple cart wall buttons are assigned at once)
  • Added values for current date and time in broadcasting title format
  • Broadcasting stats: show number of listeners when mouse hovers over the chart
  • Broadcasting stats window can be used in additional work zones
  • Broadcasting encoders can be rearranged in the list
  • Playlist search: added buttons to search up and down
  • Automatic check for new versions; can be turned off in Help->Automatically check for updates menu
  • Accessible VST plugin configuration when screen reader mode is enabled
  • API: start event and skip scheduled launch (schedule/run)
  • API: edit track rating and playcount, custom fields (readtag/writetag)
  • API: added "cnt" parameter for getplaylist command to limit the number of returned tracks
  • API: command to set broadcasting title (setcasttitle)
  • Search: select and rearrange columns in the list
  • Search: added "Comment" column
  • Improved Multiple Actions UI in scheduler event settings
  • Pause and unpause is performed with a short fade
  • File tag cache can now be used if APEv2 is used to store additional information
  • Changed the way "Do not action event when the playlist is stopped" option works: now the event is not inserted into the playlist (previous behavior can be enabled in Additional Configuration)
  • %nextsong variable added for broadcasting title and HTTP requests (next song title)
  • Lots of other UI and localization improvements

Ads Scheduler
  • Remote ads management: ads, playlists and events can be sent to a remote RadioBOSS installation

Music Library
  • The "Date Added" field is properly set when the tracks are first added to the library
  • Database cleanup (additional information and cache)

Playlist Generator
  • Color settings for categories (background and text)
  • UI improvements in category window and settings tab

Track Tool
  • Next and Prev track is loaded without reloading Track Tool
  • Tag Editor area can be resized
  • Improved zoom when cursor is visible
  • Playback is stopped at the End mark
  • Ability to prelisten to voiceovers

Fixes and minor improvements
  • Improved performance on launching next track
  • Minor improvements in Playback Queue window
  • Fixed: playrequestedsong command did not work in the playlist
  • Track Tool: "Set" button is now more precise
  • Fixed broadcasting statistics window bug: encoder list was scrolled to the top
  • Fixed Track Tool playback level was not respected in overlay events
  • AutoIntro, Sweepers: Track Tool parameters were not respected
  • Copying a file also copies additional information for a track
  • Fixed play after pause volume level was sometimes zero
  • Nowplaying text when stopped now also sent to streaming servers
  • Sometimes waveform did not correspond to actual sound in the Nowplaying bar
  • Fixed play after pause volume level was sometimes zero
  • Fixed "pause #N" didn't work properly in events with "multiple actions"
  • Nowplaying text when stopped now also sent to streaming servers
  • Fixed scheduled events "maximum time wait" sometimes didn't work properly
  • Events list "Show groups" state is preserved between program restarts
  • File type bed did not work in overlay player
  • Broadcasting stats can be retrieved over HTTPS protocol
  • Podcasts via HTTPS protocol sometimes didn't work
  • Playlist Generator: long playlists (>20 days approx.) sometimes were not generated properly
  • AdsScheduler: impression report was sometimes generated incorrectly
  • AdsScheduler: fixed encoding in some generated reports
  • AdsScheduler: fixed style bug
  • Crossfades (mix point) is not correctly re-evaluated when the playlist is changed
  • Email reports encoding bug
  • Playlist information was not updated when Track Tool was called from the log window
  • Crossfade settings were not loaded when playlist was expanded
  • Sometimes "getfile" command did not properly delete tracks
  • Fixed default font problem in secondary windows
  • Fixed main window font for some areas of the player window
  • Fixed playlist sorting bug for certain columns
  • Current weather data is not deleted if weather update failed
  • Sorting in search was reset after software restart
  • Broadcasting stats window disappeared when settings window was opened
  • An occasional error message (unable to activate previous instance) when update was installed using Check for Updates
  • Track List launched a file that was deleted
  • Scheduler wait options sometimes work incorrectly
  • Incorrect broadcasting title was sometimes sent for certain playlist items
  • Fixed occasional crash when using HTTP requests
  • Fixed crash on startup on some systems
  • Fixed Music Library crashes
  • Mix point is changed after it's edited in Track Tool for playing track
  • Occasional crash when some API commands were used

Download: RadioBOSS 5.8

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    November 20, 2017. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.


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