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Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.
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RadioBOSS makes automating your broadcast to the world, your business or shop professional, simple, affordable, reliable.

NEWS 12/2/2019

RadioBOSS 5.9

What's new:
  • Track tags (categories): assign one or more tags to tracks, tags can be used to search tracks and filter tracks in Playlist Generator
  • Track normalization (Tools menu in Music Library; scan in Track Tool): uses EBU R128 standard to determine loudness levels
  • Sweepers: it's possible to insert a sweeper instead of multiple playlist tracks
  • Improved Auto Intro user interface when playing; shows time remaining before auto intro start
  • Playback Queue can be put to pause
  • Teaser: added "Shuffle" option for transitions and playlist source for music tracks
  • Added DSD format support (DFF, DSF files)
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to add tracks, folders and network streams to a playlist
  • Relay: relay linear input with sound level monitor (relaystart 1/relaystart 2 commands to relay Input 1 and Input 2 respectively)
  • Relay: fade in option added
  • Relay: option added to move to the next track in the playlist after relay disconnects
  • Relay: main DSP is turned off for relay stream by default (Settings->Playback->Miscellaneous)
  • Auto intro: added track tags filter
  • Auto intro: added BPM and year filters, along with Range condition (e.g. 1990-1999)
  • Auto intro: do not add auto intro for file types option
  • Broadcasting: added 28 kbps bitrate
  • Style: now it's possible to use custom selection color with Windows UI
  • Configurable color for active playlist tab (Settings->View->Style)
  • Music Library: improved list sorting
  • Changed %filename variable: now it does not include file extension; added %filename_ext variable that includes extension
  • Added %bpm variable for stream titles
  • Default cover artwork can be set from the Settings window (Reports section)
  • Do not send empty track title when playback is stopped option added (Advanced configuration)
  • Mix point threshold and silence trimming take playback level info into account
  • Error notification emails now contain additional information (profile name and executable path)
  • File types can be reordered in the list
  • Updated BPM detection algorithm
  • Genre and language lists are sorted
  • Improved print form for scheduled events
  • Improved accessibility

Music Library
  • Music Library: all tools (normalize, trim silence, detect mix point, detect BPM) are combined in one window
  • Additional options for "makelibrary" command to scan for silence, normalize tracks, detect mix point and BPM (to create the command, click Tools->Schedule library update)
  • Improved search UI in Music Library
  • Show real track duration accounting for start and end points

Ad Scheduler
  • Ads Scheduler: fixed remote ads export sometimes didn't work properly with international characters in file names
  • Ads Scheduler: configure start time seconds for created events
  • Smooth level meter option added (Advanced configuration)

HTTP notifications
  • %artwork parameter that holds cover art (base64 encoded), %xml parameter that includes current and next track information in XML form
  • POST requests are now supported
  • Notification is also sent when a playlist is stopped
  • Notifications can be individually turned on and off
  • Album cover is removed from FTP when a track has no cover and there's no default cover defined

  • Event option: add to the very end of the playlist
  • Scheduled events list can be used in additional work zone
  • "next" scheduler command now has additional parameter: fade out time (milliseconds)
  • "enablegroup" and "disablegroup" scheduler commands allow specifying of multiple event groups, comma separated
  • "streamarchive" scheduler command now allows to specify recording duration
  • Recordings made with the "streramarchive" command are not split into segments (always saved as a single file)
  • OpenWeatherMap: user supplieid API key can used instead of the default key to prevent rate limitation errors
  • Alternative weather data source (AccuWeather) - requires registering for API key
  • ?any file name template for scheduler (matches any part of file name)

Track Tool
  • Track Tool: track level change is applied immediately if a track is playing
  • Track Tool: minor UI improvements
  • Hook duration is now displayed
  • Normalize tracks option

Fixes and minor improvements
  • Fixed: cart wall font was off sometimes; carts may become disabled on font change
  • Fixed: Replay Gain was not processed for Overlay Playback tracks
  • Fixed: bulk tag editor in Music Library had Playcount set to zero
  • Fixed: scheduled event was played after tracks in the playback queue
  • Fixed: auto intro did not play at the beginning of a track sometimes
  • Fixed: general DSP is not applied to AUX and cart wall to avoid broken sound
  • Fixed bugs in jingle assign window
  • Fixed UI bugs in AUX player
  • Fixed occasional crash when DPI mode was changed or when connecting via RDP
  • Fixed: possible track duplicates in reports
  • Fixed: sometimes last word was cut when using MIC
  • Fixed: dragging from AUX player sometimes did not work
  • Fixed: occasional "freeze" or "access violation" errors
  • Fixed bugs in search: slow loading and incorrect duration display
  • Fixed stream archive incorrect microphone recording
  • Fixed incorrect tags display in Music Library
  • Fixed crash when normalizing certain music tracks
  • Fixed: Genre was not saved sometimes in Track Tool
  • Fixed: tags were not saved in Track Tool sometimes
  • Fixed: auto intro sometimes did not play when positioned to end on fade in
  • Fixed: %bpm did not work in print template
  • Fixed jingles list edit bug
  • Fixed: sweeper configuration was not saved in full
  • Fixed Track Tool volume control did not control voiceover volume
  • Fixed Track Tool playback stopped working ocasionally
  • Fixed voiceover did not play sometimes in Track Tool

Download: RadioBOSS 5.9

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    December 1, 2018. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.


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