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Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.
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RadioBOSS makes automating your broadcast to the world, your business or shop professional, simple, affordable, reliable.

NEWS 12/13/2021

RadioBOSS 6.1

What's new:
  • Render to file (mixdown) feature: render a playlist to a single file, allows creating pre-recorded shows
  • Configurable crossfade curve shape (linear, parabolic)
  • Added third input (Input 3) that can be used in addition to existing two inputs
  • Auto Intro: new conditions added (rating, duration), added second condition block
  • Added new playlist tabs: song requests, playback queue
  • Microphone bed - background music for microphone when nothing is playing in the playlist
  • Microphone: option to start next track after mic is turned off (right-click the MIC button)
  • Custom broadcasting title is included in the playlist Track Title column
  • Improved playlist search - now it highlights all results
  • Custom broadcast title (for network streams, line input etc.) now includes history to choose from previous titles
  • API can be used over HTTPS protocol (requires adding a certificate)
  • Custom colors can be selected for playlist tabs
  • Playlist tabs can be dragged with a mouse
  • Reports: FTPS protocol can be used to upload nowplaying and artwork
  • WASAPI support for Prelisten, Cart wall and Jingles output devices
  • Style: toolbar icon size can be adjusted (Settings->View->Style)
  • Custom Nowplaying file templates are supported
  • Track List - separate artist option to improve repeat protection when multiple artists are listed
  • Track List - view and modify position in the track source for "In order" and "Series" selection
  • Improvements in Relaying
  • Email notifications: our email service can be used instead of SMTP, requires no configuration
  • Added "Mute monitor sound card on prelisten" option in the Prelisten window
  • Microphone can be prelistened (right-click the MIC button)
  • Log window: added a filter to only show played tracks
  • File Explorer tree added as an alternative in File Explorer
  • API: "scheduler" list events marks the last started event
  • API: "encoderstatus" includes listener count for each encoder

Ads Scheduler
  • Profiles system: any number of profiles can be created to manage different types of ads separately (commercial, social, political etc)
  • Ads are now displayed in table view
  • Changed the way ads are managed, now the ads are not tied to the files on the disk
  • Confugurable option added: group for "adsupdate" event
  • Shuffle ads - takes ads priorities into account
  • Basic repeat protection for alternate ads tracks
  • Repeat protection for separators
  • Added "separator probability" option
  • Added scheduled event option "Insert sweeper"
  • Fixed: sweepers incorrectly processed when alternate tracks are used
  • Fixed bugs with intro/outro processing
  • Fixed minor remote ads management bugs

Music Library
  • Show selected tracks duration and count
  • Improved played history display
  • "makelibrary" command actually updates the library instead of completely rebuilding it
  • Option added to change list background color
  • Added Index column to the list
  • Bulk empty start/end dates for tracks
  • Added option to clear playcount, last played and played history for tracks
  • Improved user tags management; tags cleanup feature to remove non-existent tags from tracks

  • New options added in the Scheduler Wizard
  • Extended the "clearplaylist" command: "clearplaylist up" to remove tracks above the playing track
  • Added commands to enable and disable individual events by name
  • "Manual" column added to the events list, it contains time when the event was supposed to run when Manual mode is enabled

Song Request System
  • Improvements in the requested song list window
  • Song requests are logged and kept in the list for reference
  • Request message is available with %requestedmsg variable in the notifications

Track Tool
  • Show track duration between start and end
  • Hot keys (F2-F11) to set markers
  • Shows time value for current cursor position

Segue Editor
  • Shows Intro and Outro if set for tracks
  • Fixed delayed playback error on some computers
  • Fixed lots of minor issues and overall quality improvements

Playlist Generator
  • Takes into account custom Mix points set for music tracks
  • Improvements in category edit window

Video playback
  • Exact video duration detection when video plugin is used
  • Improved AV sync
  • Webm files support added

Advanced options added
  • Network stream failure detection
  • Playlist search always visible
  • Device stall check
  • Waveform drawing algorithm
  • Check for silence when relaying a network stream

Bug fixes and minor improvements
  • Added Level column to the playlist
  • Added hot key for "Run now" command in the scheduler
  • Nowplaying is updated when "setcasttitle" API command is used
  • Selected window style is marked in the additional modules
  • Improved UI to select scheduled events group color
  • Track Tool can be called for Cart Wall items
  • Fixed a bug with Comments in the playlist
  • Fixed minor bugs fixed with playlist colors
  • Fixed: sometimes tag information for OPUS was not loaded
  • Fixed: multiple "generate playlist" events can interfere with each other
  • Fixed bugs in Teaser processing
  • Fixed bugs in Auto Intro rules processing
  • Fixed: tracks played via "getfile" command sometimes were not logged
  • Fixed: overlay video stopped the video playing in the main playlist
  • Fixed: "stop" command incorrectly ended track at the Mix point
  • Other bugs fixed, minor improvements

Download: RadioBOSS 6.1 | RadioBOSS 6.1 x64

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    December 12, 2020. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.


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