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Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.
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RadioBOSS makes automating your broadcast to the world, your business or shop professional, simple, affordable, reliable.

NEWS 12/28/2015

RadioBOSS 5.4

New features in RadioBOSS
  • Custom (user) encoders for broadcasting feature: RadioBOSS can use any command-line encoder to broadcast
  • Audience monitoring: new column in the playlist shows the number of listeners for each song and change compared to the previous song
  • Broadcasting: Multiple text lines for track title, shown in rotation
  • Broadcasting: configurable period for metadata update
  • Broadcasting encoders are not disconnected when encoder source is changed
  • Playback Queue can be viewed and edited using View->Playback Queue
  • Adding tracks to the playlist performs much faster
  • Show duplicate tracks feature (Playlist->Extra->Show duplicates) works much faster
  • Playlist Queue Mode (delete files after playback) is set individually for each playlist: right-click on a playlist tab
  • Improved tag read and write support for various formats; fixed corrupted WMA file after the tag is saved
  • Log file for the integrated server
  • Listener number limit for the integrated server
  • Fixed listener number report for the integrated server
  • Notepad: text align settings
  • Configurable hot key for "insert stop" command
  • DTMF: new "counter phase" detect option; improved DTMF detect time frame configuration
  • Playlist right-click "Rename/edit..." feature improved to support TTS and Track List
  • Track List: new option "Ignore no-repeat rules"
  • Track List: new option "Do not repeat album"
  • Top panel view style: Full, Min, Hide
  • Proportions for Last Track/Now Playing/Coming up Next are saved when the window is resized
  • Configurable colors for the Last Track/Now Playing/Coming up Next boxes
  • Windows 10 style
  • Style font setting is correctly applied to all of the child windows
  • Style support improved
  • Automatic weather announcements: Fahrenheit temperature values added
  • Text-to-Speech: support for %artist, %title and other tags
  • Text-to-Speech: can read text file contents and support for SpeechAPI XML tags
  • Fixed: sometimes weather was not updated correctly
  • Automatic weather announcement is not played when there is no weather data available
  • Fixed: "generate" command did not work when called from API
  • Fixed "click" on some ASIO sound cards when using MIC
  • Remote API commands are logged
  • Fixed encoding problem in Remote API commands
  • Remote API: "move" command relocates the track to a new position (formerly it exchanged two tracks)
  • Fixed playlist and scheduled event list columns ordering problem when the windows theme was changed or connected using Remote Desktop
  • RadioBOSS detects wrong sound card settings for the main sound card and attempts to fix the issue automatically
  • Improved mouse drag in all lists
  • Fixed: MIC hot key didn't work correctly in push-to-talk mode
  • Fixed: under certain circumstances scheduled events were inserted at incorrect position
  • Fixed tooltip in the scheduled events list and playlist
  • Fixed listener count bug in the Report Generator
  • Optimized track information: faster operation and faster playlist scrolling with a keyboard
  • Improved playback for network streams and podcasts (faster initialization and better error handling)
  • Fixed: sometimes track type was not identified correctly
  • Email notifications can be sent to multiple addresses (comma separated)
  • RadioBOSS Update can be downloaded and installed semi-automatically (Help->Check for Updates)
  • Saving a playlist also saves the custom crossfade settings
  • Configurable crossfade duration for the "Override mix with the previous track" feature
  • Improved screen reader accessibility (details: https://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,4088.0.html)

  • Scheduler: "Waiting options" can be used with the "Overlay playback" feature
  • Scheduler: improved multiple actions window
  • Improved "download" scheduler command
  • New scheduler command to send text strings to COM port: send comN text
  • Scheduler wizard can be used to add "download" command
  • Improved sweeper selection for scheduled events

Segue editor
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Fixed Zoom problem: sometimes the mix point was reset after zooming
  • Mouse wheel zoom improved
  • Fixed: custom crossfade parameters for the file types were not used

Track Tool
  • Start and End date for a track (used by Playlist Generator and Track List)
  • Fixed zoom problem for short tracks

Playlist Generator Pro
  • Priority value can be set to less than zero to exclude a track completely
  • Fixed: sometimes the playlist generator used no more than 2,501 tracks from a category

Advertisement Scheduler
  • Tracks in the list can be dragged to another position
  • Improved sweeper selection

Download: RadioBOSS 5.4

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    December 01, 2014. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.


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