crackling sound only in the mic


good evening,

my system is:

- PC Windows 10 (new hp laptop)
- mackie proFXv3 Usb (1 mic and 1 headphone)
- voicemeteer potato
- radioboss

I tried different settings but the problem remain. I use Potato to do skype calls and create n-1 for skype.
With skype all right. The mic instead have problem when goes to Radioboss. The mic goes to the mackie, then to potato, mixed with skype and finally to radioboss. Randomly it produce crackling sound in the streaming. If I ear the potato output it seems good. The problem is without skype too.

I tried many tutorial I found here, but nothing.

Do you have any ideas?

thanx in advance.

It would be really hard to find the root of this when there's so many software involved. Do you hear clicks when mic is started, or they occur in the middle?
hi Djsoft,

it seems start cracking randomly, very strange, but it starts when I push the mic button in RB, not always. Then if I turn it (mic button RB) On Off, mic sound return normally. I installed e de- installed all, step by step like yours tutorial.

I'm going crazy.


thanx a lot

it seems start cracking randomly, very strange, but it starts when I push the mic button in RB, not always
You can try changing the driver in the Input settings, try WASAPI, or DirectSound. Maybe this will help.
hi djsoft,

I already did it. Nothing to do. I'm thinking about change the software mixer. When I use only RB it's all right, but however I need another software for doing N-1 and mix other audio sources.

thanx a lot

bye bye

Hi everybody,

now I'm sure. The problem starts always ( but randomly) when I push the mic button in Radioboss. Then If I turn it off and on, the crackling sound disappears.

But I really don't know why.



thanx for your attention and bye all

hi everybody, hi Dmitry,

after a couple of test I fix the problem, using Direct sound drivers. I don't know why but WASAPI drivers produce the crackling problem.

I'm happy.

thanx again and see u soon.