For all DJ's - What's the best microphone to use?


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This question goes out to all DJ's. I'd like to know what the best microphone I should consider getting? I'm going to be a DJ soon and need to get a better microphone. Now some will say that I should get a headset with a microphone, but I have to connect my headphone plug into my computers speakers in order to get loud enough sound and then the microphone plug won't reach to the back of the computer.


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This is a tough question, but I will try to help with your question. No microphone that plugs into the back of your laptop PC is going to work. If you want to sound like a professional, your going to need an interface to connect to your USB port. I would suggest a look at a USB Line mixer, or a XLR to USB interface to connect a microphone, or more microphones. Yamaha, Tescam, Mackie, Soundcraft (Analog) mixers are your best bet. You get what you pay for. There will be numerous XLR and 1/4 inch connectors. The more channels the more microphones and other devices that can be used at once. 6 to 10 channels should be plenty. I rather have too many inputs and not ever use it, then to run of inputs and need it. Each stereo channel usually counts as 2. Slide faders are more expensive then rotary knobs. (User
There there generally 2 types of Microphones, one is condenser, (Those need phantom 48v power) and Dynamic,
Condenser microphones are generally sound the best, but are VERY sensitive to room noise, I mean the sounds from the fan of your PC, or the AC or furnace, and typing on a keyboard. So I would stay away from them, especially if your going to do any DJ work when there is music or other people around.
Dynamic microphones are what you see singers use on stage.
A cheap one is about $100

Shure SM58S​

shure sm58s (on/off switch included)

Shure SM57​

Shure SM57
Same microphone just different case.
$200 range is


MXL BCD-1 Dynamic Microphone

$300 range the best one

Electro-Voice RE320​

But the more expensive microphone are generally found in the studio not for Party DJ work. The first set are very durable, and withstand the abuse of drops, and being mishandled.

Here is a XLR interface that is highly recommended it might be all you need, but there are other options.
2i2XLR Interface

Mixers with built in Effects can add additional options in a party. Some have echo and reverb, and other fun effects like a Freddy Kruger voice, great for this time of year.
I would stick with a name brand mixer, Stay away from Pyle, there specs are terrible. +- 3DB on the frequency response is unacceptable. +- 0.5 db is the maximum amount I would ever accept.
Hope this helps.


I like these

Behringer XM8500 is only $20 on Amazon buy 3 or 4 at the same time this mic sounds better than some $60 to $125 microphones.