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a small note for people;e using windows 10 pro
i had windows 10 installed on my sever, windows 10 pro on it own ran fine i tried many version of radioboss and found a problem that window 10 pro 64 bit had a conflict with radio boss
now that i have install windows server 2019 data centre everything runs fine
i even has my isp out to check the line more than enough up an down bandwidth being 350 down 40 up so more than enough
im now glad this is resolved
found a problem that window 10 pro 64 bit had a conflict with radio boss
What kind of problem/conflict did actually occur? RadioBOSS is fully compatible with all Windows versions starting with Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008R2 and all the way up to Windows 11 / Server 2019, 2022 and I guess any future releases.
incoming connections dropping ie live dj's broadcasting within a set time on radioboss on windows 10 pro 64 it would last anything between 5 to 20 minutes then drop
i tried increasing the buffer and also decreasing the buffer but still did it
It looks more like internet connection problem - not operating system issue or any sort of incompatibility.
Hey Wayne,

Is it just one dj or multiple djs having dropouts (determines if the issue is at the dj end or studio end)?

If at studio end might be worthwhile running an internet connectivity tool to see if you are getting packet loss and frequency of loss (and also if single machine or multiple).