Listeners report from same country

I hope you can help me on this:
ALL my listeners are shown on the listeners report that they are listening in Germany, let me explain to you:
1- The majority of my audience is based in UK
2- I'm in Mexico and when I open my own radio station shows the same, I'm listening to my own radio station in Germany. Same Country, same IP address in all of them. (please see attachment)
Is this your service? How can this be fixed?


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Yes, currently it's a bug with statistics processing, listeners who tune in using the "Web port link" are registered with wrong IP addresses. You can use other tune in links from the Information section, they do not have such a problem. We'll fix this issue in one of the next updates.
Hello again,
We tried to do a live streaming and the system doesn't allow us.
Please see attached pic. Actually I added a new user and is not working..


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