RadioBOSS 6.0 [beta]

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What's new
  • Crossfading improved to be more smooth and precise
  • Next track is preloaded allowing for instant network stream start and speed up local track startup
  • Added separate fading duration options for Stop and Next Track
  • File type option added: skip after set file types
  • Playlist Shuffle playback mode improved: now it tries to select tracks that did not play recently
  • Comments can be added to the playlist (a comment looks like a track but can't be played)
  • Last played history for a track, can be viewed in track information panel (hover the "Last played" text) and in Music Library
  • Added filters for log window: show all entries, errors only, or scheduler related events
  • Added Search for scheduled events (Ctrl+F) to search events by action or name
  • New UI themes: Light, Flat, Dark (access them via Settings window View-Style section)
  • AUX and Overlay players are now fully featured players supporting crossfading and other features
  • Improvements in Search in the main window: faster search and load; added search by artist+title and intro
  • More columns added to the playlist window
  • Auto Intro: added "Skip after selected file types" option to prevent auto intro being inserted after certain file types
  • Added module icons to the toolbar (Ads Scheduler, Playlist Generator etc)
  • Settings backup command ("createbackup") also creates database backup (only if SQLite database is used)
  • Ability to create and restore database backup from the menu (Settings->Backup and Restore)
  • Teasers: added "Include subfolders" option to also read tracks from the subfolders
  • Added "0" button for quick access jingles
  • Added "Delete profile" command
  • Added "Copy to" playlist right-click menu option to copy a track to another playlist
  • Improved relay to playlist and back transition smoothness
  • Added API commands to control encoders (add, edit, delete encoders)
  • Added Korean translation
  • Improved high-DPI/4K monitor support
  • Manual operation: "stop after this track" button can synchronize its state with Manual scheduler option
  • User defined fields can be used in title format (%user1, ... %user5)
  • Microphone: ability to force downmix microphone sound to mono to account for cases when microphone is only heard in left channel
  • Network stream URL no longer revealed when HTTP notifications are used
  • SQLite database is now used as default storage for additional track information instead of APEv2 tag in the previous versions
  • Added user agent configuration for network stream playback
  • XML nowplaying file also includes the previous track; does not include tracks with the "Do not send title" option enabled
  • Lots of minor user interface improvements in all areas
Track Tool
  • Playback parameters (mix point, fade out, track end, level) are applied immediately to the currently playing track
  • Added track format information (sample rate, channels, bitrate)
  • Zooming does not require Ctrl to be pressed
Playlist Generator
  • Added UI themes support
  • Minor improvements
  • Fixed repeat protection when using the "Consider tracks in the playlsit window" option
Music Library
  • The Music Library has been reworked. Now it uses a database management system for information storage (instead of XML files in the previous versions). Improved search, load, and sorting speeds. More data fields are displayed in the list (columns can be selected). Drag-n-drop files from the library to Windows folders. Lots of other improvements.
  • Disabled tracks are marked in the list with color (grey background)
  • Tracks with missing or empty tag are marked with italic font in the list
Segue Editor
  • Changes are applied immediately to the playing track
  • Minor improvements and fixed bugs
Report Generator
  • Fixed: some tracks were included in the report ignoring the "Do not include in the report" file type option
  • Fixed: some hot keys did not work in additional work zone
  • %nextsong variable included track title even if title was disabled in the settings
  • File type for line in sometimes did not work
  • Multiple playlist create UI bug fixed
  • Fixed occasional AUX playlist resize bug
  • Fixed: scheduled events sometimes were not inserted into the proper position into the playlist
  • Fixed: incorrect track mixing position under certain circumstances
  • Disable installing an automatic update for users with limited rights
  • Fixed several bugs with "Trigger mix at" feature
  • Fixed Teaser end fade/mix did not work right sometimes
  • Fixed: broadcasting statistics "froze" sometimes
  • Time announcement with "treat as voice track" option was sometimes processed incorrectly
  • Fixed: scheduled events occasionally could have same IDs
Changes incompatible with the previous versions
  • Minimum required version is Windows 7; Windows XP is no longer supported
  • Removed "Skip two or more tracks" file type option (use "Skip after file types" instead)
  • Removed legacy Playlist Generator
  • Music libraries created in previous versions will not open in this version
  • Removed "playfile" and "read_folder" scheduler commands
  • "makelibrary" scheduler command does not support full paths for library names (because libraries are no longer saved to files), only the library name must be specified
License key:
If you're a registered user and your update subscription is not expired, please use your key.

To request the free beta tester license key, please fill this form:
The free key expires January 15, 2021.

RadioBOSS 6.0 beta: (12/2/2020, 35Mb)

Please post minor bugs and requests in this topic and create a new topic for more complex requests or reports.

Anyone who contributed will get a significant discount, up to 100%, when the final version is released. Please contact regarding the discount.
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nelson c

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Expected update! Thank you!

Updating on the latest stable version there are some problems:
The most important is that the database becomes unusable. (Mysql)
Going back to the previous version of RB it doesn't work either. (Apparently some attributes are missing)



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nelson c

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Dragging tracks in the list does not work: Copy the track that is being dragged. The same happens in the auxiliary players

nelson c

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djsoft said:
Next track is preloaded allowing for instant network stream start and speed up local track startup
djsoft said:
Crossfading improved to be more smooth and precise
Great improvements !, long awaited.
PS: We have a new audio engine? Mixing seems to work a lot better .. I'll come back to this topic later.
Sigue editor works great now! :D

nelson c

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Delete tracks when playing, does not work.

Edit: Leave the first track on the list


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> "makelibrary" scheduler command does not support full paths for library names (because libraries are no longer saved to files), only the library name must be specified

Where is the database saved? Can we still share libraries over the network between instances?


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Went to right click and click for Segue editor This was the message I got.


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Bug (Language):
Right clicking on the RadioBOSS icon in the system tray, shows 'RadioBOSS' and what appears to be a Russian word (presumably 'Exit') when the English language is used


The music library is completely gone when upgrading to the new version. I understand there's been a significant change, but there should either be a way for the XML files to be converted in to the new system so we don't have to re-create the music library manually, or have backwards compatibility in the new version.

Where is the music library database physically located now? For our usage we have a master RadioBOSS computer which pushes out changes to our studios whenever that changes. This used to be the folder of XML files.
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nelson c

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djsoft said:
Next track is preloaded allowing for instant network stream start and speed up local track startup
There is a little problem here, it only works with a 5 second buffer. if a larger buffer is set the preload starts late.


The music library defaults to the first music library when RadioBOSS loads, instead lf (all). There also doesn't appear to be an (all) option to list.
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