RadioBOSS Cloud Releases

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In this topic new RadioBOSS Cloud releases will be announced.

What is RadioBOSS Cloud:

If you have suggestions, feature requests, or bug reports, please create a new topic.

RadioBOSS Cloud 1.7.2


  • Fixed password protected streams: some listeners got error 403 and were unable to connect to the stream. In order to apply a fix, please open Settings, Advanced, change server type to "Icecast RFM". Then in System area, press "Restart Server" (restarting the server is required even if you had already "IcecastRFM" server as server type in Settings).
  • Fixed rare case when playback stopped between tracks
  • Other minor improvements and bugs fixed
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RadioBOSS Cloud 1.7.3

What's new

  • Configurable colors for scheduled events
  • Added stream blocking by referrer
  • Listener session reports can be downloaded
  • Listener reports show maximum number of listeners in additional to average numbers
  • Fixed nowplaying widget bug: simetimes next track was not displayed correctly
RadioBOSS Cloud 1.7.4

What's new

  • Fixed rare repeat protection issues when using Track List
  • Fixed IP blacklist, stream password and other access control features didn't work properly sometimes
  • Minor improvements
Recommended: please open Settings, Advanced, change server type to "Icecast RFM". Then, in System area, press "Restart Server".
RadioBOSS Cloud 1.7.5

What's new

  • Additional track information in file list (Media) - can be enabled using the Settings button
  • FTP settings for DJ account: select home directory for DJ user to limit access
  • Improved track normalization status display (Media)
  • Allows uploading .cue files to display title information for long mixes
  • Minor UI improvements in Media and Scheduler areas
  • Improved /info API to present more information about playing track
  • Fixed: sometimes URL of rebroadcasted stream was displayed in recent tracks and streaming titles
  • Security: all login sessions are terminated when account password is changed
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RadioBOSS Cloud 1.8

What's new

  • Widgets and stream page were redesigned; artwork is shown for Nowplaying, Next Track, and Recent Tracks widgets
  • Added Next Track widget
  • Station logo and artworks now use JPG format to reduce file size; large pictures are automatically resized
  • Updated Twitter integration and guide
  • Lots of internal updates to refresh look and improve performance
RadioBOSS Cloud 1.8.1


  • Fixed network stream title bug (sometimes stream titles were not shown and stream URL was shown instead).
RadioBOSS Cloud 1.8.2


  • Removed support for obsolete TLS protocols
  • Improved widget preview
  • Fixed: tracks with certain unicode characters in file names can not be uploaded
  • Fixed several UI bugs
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