The 'No repeat' function doesn't seem to work properly.


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I woke up this morning and found the following picture:

How could this happen, because I have the repetition limitation set in the settings.


I would like to see a scheme or description of how the constraints are imposed and in what sequence they are applied, because right now it looks more like chaos and unpredictable behavior. There needs to be a clear control and understanding of how certain filters and restrictions will be applied. I didn't find this description in the help - the instructions are very sparse and don't really explain anything.


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At what point (track number) does the new playlist start? Are there any error messages in the log e.g that it's unable to find a suitable track?

Please also specify what RadioBOSS version you use.


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Repetitions usually appear at the beginning of the list generation, then it is normal. A category with repeats is randomly generated each time, or it can be generated as it should be without repeats. No errors are reported in the logbook.
Moreover, I found that sometimes when playing a repeating track in sequence, the previous track continues to play over the next track and they sound at the same time. After a while, all duplicated tracks disappear on their own.
The situation is reproduced chaotically and not always.
Version in use.