Using VST plugins with RadioBOSS


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How to use VST plugins in RadioBOSS.

Almost any VST plugin can be used with RadioBOSS except for shell VST plugins. This example show how set up StereoTool VST plugin ( Note! Regardless of what operating system is used (32 or 64 bit) VST plugins that are used with RadioBOSS must be 32-bit!

1. Download a plugin, for this example we use

2. Run RadioBOSS. Select FX tab on the left and click the "+" button to add new DSP

3. Click the Plugin Folders button

4. Click the "open folder" link for the VST folder. Windows Explorer window will open

5. Copy the "vst_stereo_tool.dll" file to that folder

6. Check the "VST plug-ins" checkbox. All plugins that are supported will be listed. Select Stereo Tool and click OK.

7. The plugin will appear in the list. Enable it and click the configure button to edit its parameters.
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