Autoamp & compressor only for streaming?

I just installed a hardware audio processor for broadcasting on the air. The problem I have is that if I activate autoamp and the compressor with the preset limiter, I get double audio processing on the antenna. If I deactivate autoamp and the compressor in Radioboss, the streaming transmission is sent unprocessed, with the consequent changes in volume.
Is it possible to enable autoamp and compressor only for streaming transmission, but not affect the output of the sound card that sends audio to the antenna?
David, you didn't say what DSP or HSP you have? You are going to have a bigger problem with your voice overs if they have compression on all channels. You might be able to use monitor channel. I have had difficulty with this and now use thimeo which is Digital DSP running as plugin to RB. Historically this would remove vocals from its compressors but now the vocals get added after the DSP by RB which is fantastic. Do you have a mixer desk?
You said "I just installed a hardware audio processor " does this not do compression too?
You said "I just installed a hardware audio processor " does this not do compression too?
Yes of course. But it is for broadcast on the air. The streaming broadcast works with Radioboss audio mix and without autoamp and compressor, there is raw audio. The streaming server does not have its own audio processing.
That odd David then the DSP I use Thimeo Sound Processor it does most of this are you talking about digital internet broadcasting or radio DAB.

As love Thimeo as it also does all the hard work in the FM radio including RBS settings, there are lots of tools for compression and live settings which are really restrictive in bandwidth and have to be got right. Radio It's quite complicated for example it might need FULL framework or Processing latency and synchronicity between sound cards, re emphasis gain or a RHF limiter bandwidth ITU-R SM.12GB Stocker Mask or even micro MPX converter. It really depends on how you are actually broadcasting. If you are talking about streaming which I don't think you are, it's something more of a complicated animal. Lots of stations stream to a port or URL and that goes to radio broadcast platform and out on air on licenses. I am trying to understand what you are doing as it easy to try and help.
Dees this supply the stream locally or do you still have to purchase one is it limited to 128mbs or 192mbs? Does it just at as a bridge?
RadioCaster is a separate purchase. It does not have any limitations on bitrate or number of connections or anything.