Overlay playback sometimes do not start


I would report one particular bug and have no idea what's the problem. This has happened in previous versions also.

Every hour we have news that we broadcast over the stream. It is starts by DTMF. At the beginning of the news we have a overlay playback as an intro that is also run with the same DTFM. News always starts, but overlay playback sometimes doesn’t. Maybe in 15-20% of cases it doesn't start ?!
It doesn’t make sense to me if they must start with the same DTFM that the stream always starts, but the overlay playback sometimes doesn’t.

Do you have any idea what the problem might be?


Resolved. I found a better solution. Instead the stream and intro overlay in separate events I put them in the same event as multiple event action.


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They should have both been started, if the DTMF configuration is the same. However starting two events at the same time seems a poor idea. Combining the two events into one is a good solution.