The same songs are shown playing in dashboard in both my servers on RadioBOSS Cloud

Hello, everyone. I'm facing a strange issue with showing identical data on two my servers on RadioBOSS Cloud. Both are on, just have different ports. In fact, each server plays different songs, but one of them shows the same song's name as the other one. The same is with port, user name, password, stats. The only thing that differs is name of radiostation shown in left upper corner. I've never experienced that before. Support answered that it's impossible for servers to play the same songs because the servers are not connected and I agree, that they don't play the same songs, they just show the same data in dashboard. Has anyone experienced the same issues before? Thanks in advance!


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You can't log in to two radios on the same server using one browser - they will share the same cookies and therefore displayed information will be mixed. The actually displayed information will be for the account where you have logged in last.

You can use different web browsers if you need to log in to multiple radios at the same time. Or use the "Private" browser tabs to login to different stations.