Clicks and pops in broadcast


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I am on a Windows 10 machine, i5-2500k. Since I updated to the last version (never happened before), I am getting clicks and pops in the broadcast, sort of a vinyl noise. My chain is as follows: Radioboos main on air soundcard -> virtual card 1 -> processing software -> virtual card 2 -> input 1 in Radioboss -> broadcasting input 1 in Radioboss through internal server.

I'm hearing the clicks only in the broadcast. If I hear the audio directly from virtual sound card 2 it is clean. If i change the server, say broadcast through BUTT and then an Icecast server, it is also clean. I have tried all kinds of sample rates, and nothing. Sometimes the audio seems to hurry up. Then again, only using Radioboss server.

Recently reinstalled Windows, problem still there.

Any ideas?




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You can try broadcasting to Icecast to see if the problem is with the RadioBOSS's internal server.


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Thanks, I'm currently, after several days, not having the issue. At some point I even switched to other PC and the issue was still there. That seemed very unlikely. So I believe it is something about my net settings, some interference, or even my phone, where I was doing the testing. I'll see and come back if necessary.