Losing settings

I'm writing on behalf of a broadcast partner who we recently helped get set up with RadioBOSS.

They have set up their audio input sources, audio output devices and broadcast information. They usually have to turn the computer off at night.

In the morning when they turn back on, they find all these settings have been lost, and they have to re-input everything again.

Have you heard of this happening to anyone else?

Thank you for any help you can offer.



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They need to properly turn off the computer, using the Power Off command in Windows, otherwise some files can be lost because they were in the cache and not properly written to the disk.


I have faced the same problem loosing your work of a month in a minute. To my case, I went to "setting" then "backup settings". RB would prompt you to rename the setting and for my case I name it "Radio Boss" and I hid the original "Radioboss" launcher from the Station Desktop forcing the presenters who open the computer the following morning to open the "Radio Boss" settings with all Stations schedule. We are in remote area where electricity can go off and on anytime but this settings backup helped us a lot. Please help me if there's better way,