re-installing earlier version error


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I have downgraded to the earlier version of Radioboss as version 6 was giving me some random volume issues as per my previous post. I re-installed it in the same folder as version 6 and it seemed to go OK, picking up all my previous settings and main window multiple playlists, and aux playlist tabs and lists were there, BUT, all my cart walls were BLANK. All the jingles had vanished leaving only the 10 cart wall tabs I had, and empty grids that had defaulted top the standard grid size, no text in the grids, nothing at all

Now while I can re-do the cart walls by dragging and dropping from folders, why did Radioboss lose these carts? I tried restoring a backup I had made yesterday from radioboss version 6 but it refuses to restore from that file.

Is there a set location where justcart wall data is saved? Can I find it? Its strange eveything else was there except the cart wall contents.

BTW the volume dropping -13DB for no reason on random jingles has vanished, it was JUST in version 6 that was happening.


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Cart wall is saved in the profile file (.prf located in the Profile folder). It should be kept between versions when upgrading or dowgrading because storage format did not change. If you have a settings backup from 5.9 restoring it will help.