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Hi everyone,

We have a problem when we moved studio locations.
PCs have the following specs.
1TB SSD Drive
Windows 11

The output level is way down.
I have checked all the settings, including the sound settings.
As well as this and to compound the problem, any track with 100% volume level will result in quite audible pops or crackles as it peaks. Dropping the level to 90% using MP3Gain fixes it, but as I said, that compounds the problem.

I installed another playout software package (*removed*) and it is way louder than RadioBoss and does not click, pop or crackle. This is not the fix wanted - we want RadioBoss !

But, it does demonstrate the two problems descrobed - Low level and clicking/popping/crackling. The difference in levels between RadioBoss and *removed* is dramatic - at least 10db difference. Yes, that's right - at least -10dB with RadioBoss.

I've gone into all the settings. Nothing fixes it.

Any help appreciated.

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Rose City FM
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You can try installing RadioBOSS to a different folder, this will make it start with fresh settings, in case some setting is not right. Other possible reasons:
1. The level is lowered in Windows sound settings (volume mixer in Windows allows per-application sound level control).
2. Music tracks have incorrect playback level set - right-click a track and check the Playback Level slider maybe it's set to -15dB or something like this (if that's the case for many files, open Music Library and process the music tracks, set all levels to zero or perform normalization)
3. Check Gain slider on the DSP tab: https://manual.djsoft.net/radioboss/en/fx2.htm (also check if you have any DSP enabled there and AutoAmp settings).
As said, I checked all the windows settings but I've rechecked again using your reply as a checklist.

Windows Sound settings - all set to maximum except Master out set to 90%.
Tracks Playback Levels are set to 0
DSP Tab: - Compressor set at Gain of +4, Threshold of -16, Ratio at 3, Attack at 10ms, Release at 200ms
We do not use the equalizer. No other DSP's loaded.
Have you tried a clean RadioBOSS install to a different folder? If all settings are correct I don't see any reason why it plays at low level. I also don't see similar requests from the other users so it looks like a problem specific to your setup.