Shuffle, but not random

Hi guys!
How to reproduce this in Playlist Generator Pro?

1. Add a file from defined folder by shuffle.
2. Next time add another file from the same folder.
3. Play all files without repetition.
4. Reset and start with shuffle again.

Is the best solution to set "increase priority by 100 for tracks where playcount is less than AVG"?

Thank you!


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Just use the random selection and do not add any rules (no repeat protection, no priority rules etc) - this will make it play all tracks in random order, then reshuffle, and play all tracks again in a different order.
Thank you, but I can't setup the PG properly.

Please, give me the simplest solution, in Scheduler or Playlist Generator.
This is simplified task:

1. There's a folder with 100 tracks.
2. Play one track per day, randomly, but without repetition.
3. After 100th day, reshuffle and play again day by day.



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Add scheduled event, click the "Wizard" button, choose "Play one track from a playlist or folder", Next, select the Track List option. Select the folder from where it will select the tracks, set track selection - "Random", also check "Ignore repeat protection rules".

Each time this event starts, it will select a new treack from the folder. Once all tracks tracks are played, it will reshuffle.


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Milan Zivanovic said:
Does the Playlist Generator behave the same per category when random is enabled?
Yes, it uses the same selection method. Try tom use all tracks before repeating the ones already used.