Multiple Schedulers


It would be great to have 2 schedulers, that can be enabled/disabled independently.

Our use case would be:
  • Scheduler 1 permanently enabled (and locked "on" to the standard user) for playing the hourly news, advertisements etc.
  • Scheduler 2 would contain playlist generation events for unattended automation, and can be turned on/off by the user. When the host finishes their show, they would enable scheduler number 2 which would generate a playlist each hour, and play our scheduled syndicated shows etc.
This would allow for periods of inconsistent/undefined length of operation without a human present, but a single-click changeover for when a human is present.

Thanks again for the fantastic software! :)


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This can be achieved using groups in the scheduler, you can assign events to different groups, use commands to enable/disable groups when needed (enablegroup/disablegroup commands).